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Top Eight Maui Condo Rental Tips


If you are looking for a Maui condo rental for your vacation, you should do some preliminary legwork to make sure you get what you want and end up getting what you pay for. Here are the top 8 Maui condo rental tips that will help you find the ideal condo given your budget:

#1 – Make Sure to Get Your Maui Condo Rental Agreement in Writing

The first Maui condo rental tip is to get the details of your rental agreement in writing. In the event something goes wrong, you could be left hanging if everything was based on a verbal agreement. Make sure you have the exact rental cost, dates, check in and check out times, and any other details you would like in the contract.

If the booking is done online, make sure you save all email correspondence, and request that all information regarding the terms of the Maui condo rental contract be emailed to you. This will serve as proof should a dispute arise. If you speak to a condo owner by phone, send an email outlining the terms and points agreed upon, and ask them to detail the terms in an email. Maui Condo Rental Ocean View

#2 – Research Your Ideal Maui Condo Rental Well in Advance

If possible, do plenty of online and offline research well in advance of your stay so that you have a greater selection and increase your chances of finding the perfect Maui condo rental. It would be disappointing to find the perfect Maui condo rental only to learn that it is already booked during the time of your stay.

#3 – Use Craigslist to Find Great Deals on your Maui Condo Rental

Craigslist has both sublet/temporary housing, and vacation rental sections that are popular for finding short term condo rentals. Many properties are listed each day.

One problem with Craigslist is that sometimes it can be hard to get a good gauge on what you are renting. Make sure there are many pictures included in the listing and ask plenty of questions – don’t assume anything. Typically you can negotiate with people who list rentals here because they tend to be private owners or agents who are contracted to rent the properties – you won’t get a better price if you don’t ask for it.

Many rentals on Craigslist advertise monthly and weekly periods, and these rates will usually blow away the daily rates you see from the commercial Maui condo rental agencies. Don’t hesitate to contact owners who advertise monthly rentals if you are just looking for a couple weeks. Owners are often willing to rent for shorter lengths of time especially during slow periods.

#4 – Always Try Negotiating a Better Rate

Number four of our Maui condo rental tips: whether you are dealing with a private owner or rental agency you should always seek the best rate possible. This is especially true for last minute deals. If you are planning a spontaneous getaway, chances are you can find a great deal on a Maui condo rental. Rather than letting their Maui condo rental sit empty, condo owners often reach the point where they just need to get the unit rented and may be willing to rent at less than market price.

When negotiating, always begin a with a rate that is lower than what you are hoping to pay, then look to meet at your target rate.

#5 – Use Google Image Search and Google Maps to Find Pictures of your Maui Condo Rental and Surrounding Areas

If you want to get a better picture of what you are potentially renting, look for additional photos of the property online. Google the name of the condo property, address, building name or whatever info you have that can help lead to more info. You can do a search in Google images and Maps to possibly find more pictures of the Maui condo rental unit, grounds, and surroundings.

#6 – Look for Existing Feedback for Condos Online

Do some online research to see what other visitors have experienced in certain condos. Some sites let customers leave ratings and reviews. You can visit sites such as and look in the vacation rentals section for Maui – you’ll find plenty of reviews here. You can even ask the rental agent if they have any client feedback or testimonials on a specific Maui condo rental.

Here is an additional resource from you can use while researching your Maui Condo Rental.

#7 – Be Prudent When Booking Your Maui Condo Rental

If a deal sounds too good to be true, 99.9% of the time it is. Never send money online or via Western Union to anyone you don’t trust. It is best to use a credit card when placing a deposit. Credit card companies protect their customers from fraudulent purchases and can have the charges reversed . You can dispute charges instantly and your credit card company will take care of resolving rental payment problems.

For the most part, rental and classified sites, even Craigslist, are safe to use, but always use common sense. I have had success finding good short term rentals on Craigslist, and even sent a small Paypal deposit with no problems, although I made sure not to send the payment as a “gift” since those transactions are hard to reverse.

#8 – Verify Ownership of the Maui Condo Rental

If dealing with a private owner, verify ownership prior to sending any money. You can reference Just click on the search records link and “search by owner name”. The results will be shown alphabetically along with the physical address of the property.

If you don’t find the owner in the list or no results are returned, that should throw up red flags. If the address is different than the one for the condo, you will have to investigate further (perhaps the owner has a logical explanation such as ownership is in the name of a relative).

This concludes our top 8 Maui condo rental tips to consider and what to watch out for when looking for a Maui condo rental. Armed with these tips, you should be able to find a condo that is suitable for your needs at a price you’ll like. Best of luck finding your Maui condo rental, and enjoy your tropical vacation!

Please see the directory for a list of Maui Condo Rental agencies.

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Maui Condo Rental

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Why Consider a Maui Condo Rental?


When considering your vacation, a Maui condo rental offers many advantages, making your stay on the “Magic Island” much more enjoyable. A Maui condo rental is certainly ideal for larger groups, but even for couples, it can provide additional comforts and benefits you won’t get elsewhere.

Many think they cannot afford a Maui condo rental, but on this Hawaiian island, you don’t necessarily have to pay extra to stay in a Maui condo rental. In some cases, you even save money by choosing a condo over a hotel. And, condos have more to offer!

More Flexibility With Amenities in a Maui Condo Rental

A Maui condo rental can provide amenities like a full-sized kitchen, living room, patio, barbeque, a washer and dryer, and a private pool. You can even shop for specific amenities when researching your Maui condo rental.

If you stay in a hotel, usually you have to resort to eating out for every meal. If you would like to do some cooking, condos are usually equipped with large kitchens that have fully functioning appliances. This gives you the flexibility to experience some of the many fine restaurants in Maui as well as save money and enjoy preparing meals at home.

Our Maui Condo Rental on Sugar Beach

Thanksgiving 2010 at our Maui Condo Rental

A Quiet Maui Condo Rental Provides More Privacy

If you stay in a Maui condo rental unit, you’ll be in a quieter environment and surrounded by less people than in a hotel. Some condos are even available as stand-alone units for complete privacy.

A couple who wants to enjoy their time alone doesn’t necessarily have to sacrifice on price to stay in a Maui condo rental. A small 1-bedroom, ocean-view condo on the south part of the island in Kihei can run as low as $89 per night!

The property surrounding a Maui condo rental tends to be more open and ideal for strolls. The pools or hot tubs tend to be less crowded, and chances are you can even enjoy a nice Hawaiian barbeque on condo grounds.

The Bigger the Party, the Better It Is to Rent a Condo

If you are traveling with others, a Maui condo rental is more suitable than renting multiple hotel rooms. One large condo is plenty of space for a few couples or a large family. In either case, one Maui condo rental would be less expensive than multiple hotel rooms.

A large beach front 2 bedroom Maui condo rental in Lahaina is about $280 per day, while 2 hotel rooms of comparable quality range from $140-$250 a day. But of course, your hotel room won’t have a private yard, full-sized kitchen, living-room area and a washer/dryer.

For larger groups, the daily rate on a 4 bedroom Maui condo rental in a great location just off the beach is about $560. There is no way you could rent 4 hotel rooms for that price. So you definitely get more bang for your buck with a Maui condo rental. It is certainly worth it instead of trying to stuff people in a hotel room or two.

Budget or Luxury Maui Condo Rental – You Decide

With a Maui condo rental, you do not have to sacrifice luxury. You can choose anywhere from low-budget to moderate to luxury condo units in a number of locations including Lahaina, Kapalua, Nipili and Kaanapali.

Even if you go the budget route, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort. A Maui condo rental is always professionally maintained and fully furnished with complete amenities so you can relax and enjoy your vacation in style.

If you are looking for luxury, you don’t need to go to a 5-star hotel. The condos of the Royal Maui Villa in Lahaina lay on immaculate grounds, with a soothing beach pool overlooking the Pacific and private beach access to sunbathe and go for a relaxing ocean swim.

At nighttime, the stunning sunset views are a sight to behold, after which you can enjoy the fire pit or rejuvenating spa as a perfect compliment to the evening ocean breeze.

A Maui Condo Rental Gives You More of a Local Flavor

It’s hard to experience the true essence of Hawaii in a hotel room, but with a Maui condo rental, it can be a different story. For example, you can rent what’s called an “Ohana”, and if you do it will feel more like an experience than just another vacation.

Ohana is an ancient Hawaiian word that means “kin folk” or “family” and over time evolved to mean “surrounding yourself with community or loved ones”. From an architectural stand point, developers began building small cottages surrounding the main house so that family members could live within close proximity to one another.

These full-amenity cottages eventually became known as ohanas and embody the true spirit of old Maui. They are often equipped with lanais (open-air porches) to allow you to enjoy the fresh Maui ocean breeze.

A Maui Condo Rental is Perfect for Weddings

If you are planning on getting married or honeymooning in Maui, you should consider a Maui condo rental for a more intimate setting. Many rental agencies cater to couples and wedding parties. For weddings, you and your party can stay in a villa or ohana so the group of condos will be on the same grounds within close proximity to each other. This will provide a closer and more relaxed setting for you and your guests than a hotel would provide.

So there are plenty of reasons why a Maui condo rental would be the most ideal place to stay for your tropical vacation. You should consider the possibility of staying in a condo before committing to a hotel room. Many rental agencies (Please see the Maui Condo Rental Directory) specialize their service to a cater to your Maui condo rental needs, so be sure to locate the service that will work to find the Maui condo rental that will give you the perfect Maui vacation.

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